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Q: What is the difference between  Chiropody and  Podiatry?

Answer: 15 years ago Chiropodists were encouraged to upgrade their understanding of Chiropody to Podiatry by having to do another lot of study. It was no longer deemed satisfactory to just have Chiropody because that would be overlooking any musculoskeletal issues which may lead to skin / nail conditions being treated.

Therefore, generally we think of Chiropody as skin and nail conditions whereas Podiatry is Chiropody but also the merging of the musculoskeletal problems such as from bone, tendon, ligament, nerve and hormonal influences. Podiatry covers all of these factors.

Q: Will I need  Orthotics?

Answer: Custom Made Insoles also called orthotics ... painful feet can be assisted by orthotics (otherwise known as insoles).

These are 'insoles' made to suport dropped arches or help support the foot where it needs it (at the heel, at the big toe or across the forefoot for example) and are designed to fit into your shoe. If you choose this service Dawn will ask you to bring your shoes in so that she can make them fit for what you wear.

Some shoes don't work with insoles and we may need to consider other options like taping, strengthening and stretching exercises - see image below.

image of treatment and taping of foot

Dawn knows how to make a variety of insoles specific for you and will send off for the right pair for you if they can be made from insole manufacturers.

Here there is good advice and articles  such as Childrens' feet, common problems and an excellent guide for picking the best shoes for your feet:

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